Akron Zoo

500 Edgewood Ave Akron, OH 44307


www.akronzoo.org | info@akronzoo.org

November 1-March 31, 11 AM-4 PM General Admission: $9 (under 2: free) and Parking: $3 (online) and $5 (on-site)

April 1-October 31, 10 AM-5 PM Adults: $14; Children: $11 (ages 11-2); Under 2: free and Parking: $3 (online) and $5 (on-site)

Akron Zoo is committed to upholding the value of diversity in our relationships and activities with employees, guests, colleagues, partners, and the community while we work to connect lives to wildlife while inspiring lifelong learning and conservation action. Akron Zoo is your zoo for coming nose-to-nose with more than 1,000 animals from around the world, such as tigers, snow leopards, red pandas, penguins, grizzly bears and many more! There is something for everyone to experience! Akron Zoo is open 361 Days a year.